Why use a broker?

Brokers can help in so many ways but the interest rate is a very important one. 

When you’re looking for a loan, it’s easy to be drawn in by low rates.

The problem is so few people qualify for these headline rates.

Why? Because it’s all about the profile you present to a lender.

Have a look at the list below to show you what the lenders are looking at when they decide on your rate. 

  • LOANS: Have you paid your loans and credit cards on time?

  • YOUR ASSET POSITION: Do you have a mortgage?

  • STABILITY:  Do you have stability in your residency & employment

  • THE AGE OF CAR: Are you buying a new or late model car?

  • LOAN ENQUIRIES:  Have you applied numerous times recently?

  • YOUR CREDIT FILE: Do you have a clean credit file, have you been keeping up to date with bills?


This is where we come in, rather than going direct to a lender with a great advertised rate which you may not qualify for, we look at your situation and using technology and experience put you forward to the lender that looks for clients just like you. They all like and don't like different things and we make sure we don't send you to someone who doesn't suit your individual history. 

This doesn't just get you the best rate, you also have the best chance of an approval!

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